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The Liberal government’s 2018 budget



The Liberal government’s 2018 budget

“I’m proud to be part of a Government that cares about people. Our budget focus on making sure every Canadian has a real and fair chance at success”

  • MP Linda Lapointe

BOISBRIAND, March 1st, 2018 – “Through Budget 2018, the Government is taking the next steps towards building an equal, competitive, sustainable, and fair Canada.”

Linda Lapointe, MP for Riviere-des-Mille-Îles, is especially proud of the budget tabled this week by the Liberal government. The budget refocuses government action on the needs of middle-class Canadians in order to support families and promote economic creativity.

Through this budget, the Government is really supporting women and girls. Gender equality is not only the right thing to do for Canadians, it is also the smart thing to do for the economy.

“ As an entrepreneur myself, encouraging greater participation by women in the economy is particularly important for me, as helping more majority women-owned companies grow into world-class businesses. It will help drive Canada’s economic growth and build a stronger middle class,” noted Lapointe.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy will be a coordinated, national approach to create an economy that works for everyone.

Moreover, Budget 2018 proposes investments that will ensure Canada’s heritage can be celebrated and shared by more Canadians in more communities across the country. The Government understands the challenges that official language minority communities are facing, and has developed an Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023 to help address some of these challenges.

“Our Government proposes to provide $400.0 million in new funding over five years, starting in 2018–19, with $88.4 million per year ongoing, in support of the Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023,” said Lapointe.

Taken together, the Action Plan will help improve services in official language minority communities and promote bilingualism across Canada.

Mrs. Lapointe also pointed out that the government plans to support the next generation of researchers, by providing historic funding to increase opportunities for young researchers and provide them the equipment they need, while strengthening support for entrepreneurs to innovate, scale up, and reach global markets.



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